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A full length HD video recording of the liveset at Milano, Italy in May 2013

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Ultradyne - Tensio Noturnalis [Pi Gao Movement - PGM009]

Call Super - ? [Unreleased]

Lucretio - Tell Me [Warm Sounds ‎- WS-006]

Clemens Neufeld - Ich Komme Jetzt [Fön - fön1]

Dum Luv

Cari Lekebusch, Back In The Day

Sound Enforcer

Container - Saturated [Morphine Records - DOSER016]

Sleeparchive - A Man Dies In The Street Pt.1 (Locked Groove) [Tresor - Tresor.260]

Distorted Waves Of Ohm - Puppet Master [Eurk - 12EK004]

Booty Shaker

Broken DMX

Aux 88

Sole Tech - Chuck Chop [Detrechno - DTR-1AV]


Woody McBride - Wall Of Confusion [Bush - Bush 1030]

Philipp Gorbachev - Where Is Rony Douglas? [Cómeme - Cómeme 019]

BFC - Galaxy [Fragile Records - FRG 2]

Call Super - Threshing Floor [Houndstooth - HTH001]

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Philadelphia duo Metasplice are kenneth_lay and V Hold, in operation since 2010, but both working as individuals in the city’s Noise and improvisational circles. The only rule if Metasplce is that there are no rules. kenneth_lay also plays in the improvising duo Colour Is Luxury alongside Charles Cohen, and releases music as _moonraker with Jason Carr.

"Prismatic Sway" is the second track from Metasplice’s forthcoming double LP album release, due out on Morphine, run by Morphosis (aka Rabih Beaini), on 11 May. A feature on Metasplice appeared in April 2013 issue of The Wure, and Morphosis is interviewed in The Wire 351.

Copyright Metasplice/Morphine Records


Trade - SHEWORKS005

A1 - Half Nelson
A2 - Positive Neckline
AA1 - Touch This Skin
AA2 - I Notice You All

Produced by Blawan and Surgeon.
Due for release on Sheworks on February 5th 2013.

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